Toxic & Chemical Exposure

Have you been injured or has a loved one died due to exposure to toxic gases or dangerous chemicals on the job? If so, you have the right to claim workers’ compensation benefits. If the accident was caused by the negligence of a third party or a safety violation by your employer, you may be able to obtain compensation above that which you receive from the workers’ compensation system.

Throughout our history at Boxer & Gerson, LLP, we have been strong and successful advocates for people injured in the workplace. We work hard to help our clients obtain maximum compensation in cases involving explosions, chemical exposure, refinery accidents, and other workplace accidents.

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Experienced Toxic and Chemical Exposure Injury Lawyers

Boxer & Gerson, LLP is the largest and most active workers’ compensation law firm representing employees in Northern California. We have represented thousands of injured workers, and our goal is always the same: to help them get all the medical care and workers’ compensation benefits they deserve.

Toxic and chemical exposure can present complex challenges that benefit from our depth of experience, close relationships with medical professionals, and a demonstrated willingness to do the hard work of research and preparation that is required fora successful outcome.

Our firm also has experience in workplace accident cases involving third-party claims and serious and willful misconduct on the part of employers. We will carefully investigate the circumstances of your accident. If a third-party clam is warranted, Boxer & Gerson, LLP will seek to obtain maximum compensation for your losses.

Compensation for Future Medical Needs

If your case involves serious chemical burns, you may have a significant need for ongoing medical care, long-term care and cosmetic surgery. If so, we may call a lifecare planner to assist tin your case. A lifecare professional can identify all the medical care and services you will need over the course of your life. Boxer & Gerson, LLP will then seek full and complete compensation for your future medical needs, as well as for other losses you have incurred.

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