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Most workers’ compensation cases are resolved by a “stipulation and award.” With this document, the parties come to agreement on the degree of disability suffered by the injured worker, and the terms of his or her award. It may entitle the claimant to future medical care at the expense of the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier. It is no secret that carriers want to keep their expenses to a minimum. That is just one reason why it is critically important that you obtain a stipulation and award that adequately protects your rights regarding future medical care.

At Boxer & Gerson, LLP, we have been representing people in workers’ compensation cases since 1977. Our experience has allowed us to become highly knowledgeable in every facet of workers’ compensation stipulation and awards, and in how they can be shaped to protect our client’s rights to future medical care. In yours and every case, we work to obtain the best agreement possible.

With a stipulation, you are entitled to reopen your case within five years of your date of injury to obtain additional benefits for new and further disability. Temporary disability (TD), however, is limited, depending on the date of your injury.

Getting the Medical Care You Deserve

The stipulation and award is particularly important if you have suffered complex injuries. In that case, your medical condition can change over time, sometimes in unpredictable ways. If there are any questions or concerns about the status of your medical condition, we will insist upon obtaining a atipulation that protects your rights and ability to obtain future medical care.

Experienced in Complex Injury Cases

Boxer & Gerson, LLP has a great deal of experience in cases involving complex workplace injuries. We are well versed in medical literature, consult regularly with specialist physicians, and we know how to evaluate serious conditions to protect your rights regarding future medical care. Before you agree to a stipulation or compromise and release agreement, we urge you to get sound legal advice from one of our experienced attorneys at Boxer & Gerson, LLP.

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