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If you have been injured on the job, the workers’ compensation insurance company has a right to ask you certain things about your health and medical treatment. But never forget that you have rights, too.

Before you answer an insurance adjuster’s questions or sign any releases or make a formal deposition, you should get the advice and counsel of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. Without such a consultation, you may jeopardize your right to obtain medical care.

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Protecting Your Rights

At Boxer & Gerson, LLP, we have been protecting workers’ rights since our founding in 1977. Our attorneys take a proactive role in our clients’ open cases. We educate them about their rights and advise them on how to respond to the inquiries and communications they receive from their workers’ compensation insurance carriers.

There is great risk involved in going it alone on your workers’ compensation case. Those taking your depositions and statements are not your friend, and what you say can come back to haunt you.

With the help of an experienced and savvy workers’ compensation attorney at our firm, you can not only comply with your legal obligation to provide certain information to the insurance company, but you can do so while protecting your rights to obtain benefits.

Some of the dangers you face without expert representation include:

Making problematic statements to an adjuster—At some point, an adjuster may call asking you to make a recorded statement about your medical condition or treatment. If this happens, get legal advice as soon as possible. There are certain things the adjuster can and cannot ask you, about which we can inform and prepare you so that you do not mistakenly say something the insurance company can later use against you.

Formal depositions—A deposition is taken under oath, and statements you make can be used to cut off your benefits. You could even face criminal charges if you make false statements in a deposition. Our expert attorney can clearly explain the deposition process to you, prepare you accordingly, and if necessary, be present during the deposition to advise you of your rights.

Surveillance by insurance adjusters —In certain circumstances, a workers’ compensation insurance adjuster can undertake surveillance and take video footage of you. This many times highly selective “evidence” could lead to the loss of your workers’ compensation benefits. This is another area where a Boxer & Gerson workers’ compensation expert can explain your rights, and let you know why you should be wary of posting certain information and photos in public venues such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

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