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Good health is a great gift, and restoring it after a setback is a challenge to be met with every resource at your disposal. For many people, that fact hits home only after they have suffered a serious injury on the job and then encounter difficulties in getting it treated. Often, trying to get the necessary medical care meets unexpected roadblocks as their workers’ compensation insurance company either denies their claim or cuts off their medical care before they have fully recovered. Extreme frustration is a common response.

That is why it is so important that when you have suffered an injury on the job, you do not delay getting advice from an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. Without a strong advocate on your side, you may not get the medical care, benefit payments and maximum compensation you need to recover as quickly and to the fullest extent possible. Timeliness can be a critical factor in your healing.

Boxer & Gerson, LLP is the largest law firm in Northern California representing workers’ compensation claimants. There’s a reason for that: We have built a reputation over the years as tenacious advocates who help get our clients all the medical care and rehabilitation services they deserve, as promptly as possible.

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Get the Medical Care and Rehabilitation Services You Deserve

Paying for medical care is a major cost for workers’ compensation insurance carriers. Whenever possible, they try to keep these costs low by denying needed medical tests and treatment to injured workers. Recent changes in California workers’ compensation law help them in this goal. Some of the tools insurers use to deny or minimize medical treatment include:

Assigning the injury to a non-work related cause—The insurance adjuster may unfairly deny your claim by blaming it on non-work related causes.

Predesignation of treating physiciansUnless you predesignate a physician before your injury, you may be restricted to getting treatment from a doctor approved by the insurance company if your employer has a medical provider network (MPN). This physician will not know you and may not provide the same level of care as your chosen physician.

Utilization reviewMany medical procedures, tests and medication must be approved by a utilization review doctor chosen by the insurer. These doctors frequently deny treatment and tests to injured workers, and there are complicated rules that apply in fighting these treatment denials.

Depositions, statements and surveillanceInsurance adjusters use these tools to investigate the medical conditions of injured employees, looking for “evidence” they can use to restrict or cut off medical treatment.

Forcing review by a QME—Insurance companies often try to force you to a qualified medical evaluator (QME) before you have had the opportunity to choose an attorney. Picking the right QME is one of the most critical factors determining the outcome of your case. You should speak with an attorney before making such a decision.

Remember: As an injured worker, you have rights. You need not and should not be at the mercy of insurance companies with an eye only for the bottom line.

Boxer & Gerson, LLP can help you assert your rights and protect your ability to obtain needed medical treatment and services. For each of the tools listed above, our firm has methods we can use to obtain the medical care and benefits you need and deserve after an injury. 

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