Specific & Cumulative Injuries

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Some work injuries can be traced to a specific event such as a broken arm caused by a fall from a ladder. Other “cumulative” injuries occur over time, such as back trouble caused by repetitive lifting or an occupational disease from repeated exposure to dangerous chemicals on the job. Both types of injuries can qualify an employee for workers’ compensation benefits. Cumulative injuries, however, present a number of complex legal issues that can make it challenging to obtain maximum workers’ compensation benefits.

The attorneys at Boxer & Gerson, LLP have extensive experience in workers’ compensation cases. As Northern California’s largest workers’ compensation firm representing employees, we have handled thousands of cases involving cumulative injuries since our founding in 1977. We understand the medical and legal issues in these cases, and we work hard to help our clients get all of the medical care and compensation they deserve.

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The Importance of Expert Diagnosis

When you suffer a specific injury occurs on the job, the key legal questions are: Did other factors contribute to your disability? If so, to what degree?

The answers to these questions can greatly influence the amount of benefits you receive. Insurance companies often try to apportion disability to factors other than job injuries. It requires expertise and experience to effectively counter their claims.

At Boxer & Gerson, LLP, we bring together the legal and medical diagnosis resources you need to carefully assess your injuries and resolve disputes about their causes and proper apportionment.

Experience, Medical Knowledge and Determination

Our attorneys interact with doctors and medical specialists every working day. They understand medical injuries from a highly technical perspective and can talk with doctors in their own language. This provides our clients with major advantages, particularly in cases involving complex injuries.

Boxer & Gerson, LLP will bring knowledge, determination and grit to help you obtain appropriate medical care, benefit payments and maximum compensation for your work injury.

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