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A Partner at Boxer & Gerson LLP, Julius Young has practiced worker’s compensation law and social security disability law since 1979. He has represented thousands of individuals who have sustained life-changing injuries or illnesses while on the job. In every case, his goal is to secure the medical treatments his clients need.

June 30, 2011


A storm is brewing over the State Compensation Insurance Fund’s recent correspondence that medical providers will be required to sign a new contract to remain in the SCIF MPN. Here is the text of a letter from CAAA’s current president, Barry Hinden, addressed to Destie Overpeck, Chief Legal Counsel of the California Division of Workers […]

June 29, 2011


In law school they never told us how much down-time there is in the practice of law. That’s particularly true at the California Workers’ Comp Appeals Board.Parties wait for their turn to see the judge. We wait for our opponents to reach their clients to get settlement authority. We wait to talk with busy lien […]

June 28, 2011


Looks like the various state buildings housing some of the district offices of the California Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board (and the San Francisco offices of the statewide WCAB) have been saved again. Today’s announcement of a California budget deal apparently does not include plans to sell state buildings after all. The on-again sale is now […]

June 26, 2011


We’re in one of life’s watchful waiting phases. In the larger world, we’re waiting to see if Europe’s teetering economies-Greece, Portugal, Spain and Ireland among them- take the world economy off a cliff. And we’re waiting to see what happens on the Potomac, as Congress and the Obama Administration struggle for a consensus on raising […]

June 22, 2011


On June 22, the California Court of Appeals, First District will hold long awaited oral arguments in the case of Wanda Ogilvie vs. City and County of San Francisco. Arguing on behalf of Ms. Ogilvie will be Attorney Mark Gearheart. Arguing for the City and County of San Francisco will be attorney Danny Chou. Hanging […]

June 21, 2011

AB 1168

Should California’s workers’ comp system have a fee schedule for vocational expert witnesses? That’s what is being contemplated in AB 1168. The bill, sponsored by Sacramento -area Democrat Richard Pan, is set for hearing in the California Senate Labor and Industrial Relations committee on Wednesday. The bill would require the DWC to hold hearings and […]

June 17, 2011


Some of you have been twiddling your thumbs for the last several years waiting for a titanic appellate court battle between conflicting appellate districts on the Almaraz-Guzman doctrine. Stakeholder groups made a pretty penny sponsoring seminars on the impending battle. Charlatans came out of the woodwork, barnstorming the state with their seminars and tutorials. Early […]


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