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In law school they never told us how much down-time there is in the practice of law.

That’s particularly true at the California Workers’ Comp Appeals Board.
Parties wait for their turn to see the judge. We wait for our opponents to reach their clients to get settlement authority. We wait to talk with busy lien reps.

Sometimes time moves like molasses.

It was on such a day that someone in the room started speculating about what’s unfolding at the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Everyone had their opinions.

According to news reports, Supreme Court Justice Ann Walsh Bradley has accused Justice David Prosser of choking her during an argument in her state Capitol office earlier this month. Prosser denied the allegation.

The Wisconsin Judicial Commission is investigating.

Whether the allegations are part of a smear campaign by disgruntled liberals on the Wisconsin court, or whether there’s something to the “choke-hold” allegations against Prosser, a conservative justice, aren’t clear.

Perhaps the whole “choke-hold” episode will enter the public consciousness like decades-long debates about the veracity of Whitaker Chambers or what really happened at Roswell, N.M. or what Clarence Thomas really said to Anita Hill.

But if this was California, Bradley could certainly attempt to pursue a workers’ comp case.

What a sight that would be. A veritable circus of issues, including possible disputes as to who was the initial aggressor and whether even if there was an incident, was there an “Injury”.

If you’re following the story, here’s a piece by Megan McArdle of The Atlantic that delves into the particulars of this most ugly judicial struggle: … ld/241170/

And you thought lawyers at the WCAB didn’t like to gossip about current events?

Stay tuned.

Julius Young

Category: Political developments