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October 1, 2019

Taking What Comes: The Ever Adaptable Warren Pulley

Children of military members transferred from station to station through highly mobile childhoods often reflect on the difficulties presented by such a migratory early life. Problems of resistance to change, feelings of rootlessness, hesitation to commit to friendships they fear will be gone with the parent’s next duty transfer. Boxer & Gerson Associate Attorney Warren Pulley, […]

August 5, 2019

Deirdre Mochel: Home Again

Deirdre Mochel grew up thinking she might become a social worker or go into the medical field, but there were some early indications that the law would prove to be her true calling. One was in middle school when she won a “best persuasive speech” award in her speech class. Notably, her topic was “the […]

June 3, 2019

“Telling the Story” With Eric Ritigstein

In our youth, we go along day to day trying to keep up with all the new experiences and challenges coming our way, fitting them into an emergent self that is still groping to form an identity. Somewhere in our third or fourth decade (in some cases, later), we begin to notice patterns, arcs, narratives, […]

March 29, 2019

Amy Shen’s Journey Home

Boxer & Gerson’s only Mandarin language speaker was born in Massachusetts, spent her formative years in California, returned to Massachusetts for law school, then made what may well be a final return to the Bay Area when she took a job with a workers’ compensation defense firm in San Francisco. All of which was preparatory […]

January 25, 2018

Born to Lawyer: New Partner Justin Litvack

Most people sift through dozens of career dreams as youths and may even try a few of them out in adulthood before settling into what becomes their main life’s work. The boyhood dreams of Justin Litvack, Boxer & Gerson’s newest partner, were not the least bit like that. “My dad was an attorney and judge […]

May 1, 2017

For Dikla Dolev, It’s All in the Family (and Job)

A career in some type of public service always figured prominently in the life plans of Dikla Dolev. How that vision finally saw her through the doors of Boxer & Gerson last year as its newest workers’ compensation attorney is a tale that no amount of planning could likely have brought about. Dolev’s launching pad […]