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Worksafe Honors Julius Young With Inaugural Fran Schreiberg Award

Boxer & Gerson Partner Julius Young was honored with the inaugural Frances Schreiberg Pro Bono Award at the annual awards banquet of the workplace health and safety organization Worksafe last week. The inscription read in part, “for your immeasurable and important contributions to Worksafe’s legal assistance and education programs,” which includes Young’s participation in pro bono clinics at UC Hastings and in many other Worksafe programs over the years.

Fran Schreiberg, a longtime Of Counsel to Steve Kazan’s firm in Oakland, worked tirelessly over the years for workplace safety on behalf of the Worksafe organization. Boxer & Gerson is pleased to recognize Fran, the Kazan firm and the Workplace staff as they in turn honor Julius with this richly deserved award.