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I love the internet.

I can be here in Hvar, Croatia, on holiday, with an espresso in one hand and gelato in the other, meanwhile reading the latest newsworthy bits about California. Cafe wi-fi is sweet.

Yachts pull up and depart, as a steady stream of Italians and Croats from Split and Zagreb sit in cafes on the lido, settling into their Ogusko and Karlovacko beers. Lots of folks who seem to have a lot of time on their hands. In comes a yacht that surely cost upwards of $1mil. It’s named “Toys for Boyz”, apparently flagged in the English Channel island of Jersey.

.Coastal Dalmatia is basically unspolit. Dominated by Venice and the Austrians/Hungarians in a feudal fashion for centuries, the region has little industry and some of the clearest ocean and skies you’ll ever see.

Few reminders of the Tito Communist period are visible. And the region largely escaped direct devastation from the 1980s/90s bloodbath from nationalism in the Balkans.

What’s here vaguely reminds one of the island of Catalina, off the coast of L.A., except that there are vast fields of lavender and vineyards here.

The thought of L.A. brings me back to workers’ comp. Using wi-fi while I sip my espresso, lo and behold I see that Los Angeles is having trouble with increasing costs generated by workers comp. Here’s the L.A. Times article: … 4818.story

Many of L.A.’s increased costs appear to be due to employment law suits under FEHA and ADA laws. That’s not surprising. Many employers are cavalier about complying with their obligation to engage in a good faith interactive process of reasonable accommodation. The demise of the voc rehab benefit has upped the ante for employers.

Stay tuned.

Julius Young

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