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A couple weeks ago I did a post on Gov. Schwarzenegger’s veto of most of the workers’ comp bills that made it to his desk.

Exactly what insurance-related bills did he sign?

In the workers’ comp arena, the only bills of significance that he signed had to do with governance of SCIF, the State Compensation Insurance Fund. SCIF was involved in major controversy over the last few years as various mismanagement problems surfaced at the large quasi-public insurer which continues to have the largest share in the California comp market.

If you’d like a list of other insurance related bills (note:many deal with other types of insurance), here’s a list compiled by D. Ashley Furness of the North Bay Business Journal: … e=Governor

In a coming post I’ll detail some of the other important insurance bills that died at the hand of Arnold’s pen.

Soon I’ll also be recapping the 10 Top Events in California Workers’ Comp during the 3rd quarter of 2008.

Stay tuned.

Julius Young
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