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AB 76 is a “trailer bill” that has sailed along at the California legislature under the radar. The bill deals with many topics, but includes workers’ comp provisions.

Specifically, the bill deals with the $120 million fund to compensate workers who have suffered disproportionate wage loss.

Workers injured before 1/1/13 would not be able to make claims against the fund.

Hearings were not held on this. This did not come up in last week’s presentation to CHSWC by DIR Director Christine Baker.

Thanks to blogger Dr. Robert Weinmann for bringing this to my attention.

Weinmann’s analysis of AB 76 be found here in his June 16,2013 blog post:

Here is a link where you can download a copy of the bill and a tally of the party-line vote on the bill: … _on_budget

Stay tuned.

Julius Young

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