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In our society we tend to take a lot for granted.

We tend to think our rights and benefits will be there when we want then and when we need them. And it’s easy to forget the hard-won victories of the past that brought us where we are.

As unions find themselves under attack in many states, and with union membership in California below 10% of the workforce, unions are stepping up outreach efforts to communicate their successes.

It’s high time for that.

The future of the union movement in California won’t be with pony-tailed graybeards reminiscing about struggles against McCarthyism and campus strikes at UC.

It will be with communicating to a social networking generation why unions can offer them a better economic future.

It’s good to see a spirited defense of unions such as the one offered by
Rebecca Greenberg of the California Labor Federation. In a piece on the California Progress Report, Greenberg outlines the case for unions in “From the Folks Who Brought You the Weekend”. Here it is:

Stay tuned.

Julius Young

Category: Political developments