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The California DWC continues on in its EAMS project for the Workers Compensation Appeals Board to go paperless.

It’s a huge project, and recently there have been many rumors that the project had hit some bumps in the road, delaying its rollout.

Now the DWC is sponsoring an EAMS newsletter to keep the comp “community” advised on the status of the project. Here’s the link to that so you can subscribe:

CSIMS (the California Society of Industrial Medicine and Surgery) recently sent a letter to the DWC blasting the planned cessation of EDEX later this summer. To learn about those concerns, click here: … uccess.pdf

Meanwhile, a number of attorney offices across the state (on both the applicant and defense side), are experimenting with “going paperless”.
Yours truly is one of the guinea pigs at Boxer and Gerson, adjusting to
working with mail scanned into our system in anticipation of EAMS.

Stay tuned.

Julius Young

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