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The sale of part of SCIF may really be on. That’s the word today.

Times are bad for the state budget. But dismembering-or crippling-SCIF is a terrible idea, even if it’s in the laudatory service of saving some other worthy state programs.

Kudos to J. Dale Debber for uncovering the story. It’s a must read, and here’s a link to his investigatory piece in the Workers’ Comp Executive:

While I don’t have independent confirmation of the alleged events as related by Debber, I suspect his analysis is accurate.

These are the players in Debber’s piece, for those who want to put a face on the palace intrigue:

Susan Kennedy, Schwarzenegger Chief of Staff and “Democrat” insider:

Cynthia Bryant, Director of Office of Planning and Research: … ryant.html
Bryant was one of the lead negotiators for the Governor at the time of passage of the 2004 SB 899 reforms.

David Crane: … ratic.html

James Woods:

I’d love to post more information about this story as it unfolds. Readers who have more information can send it to me at [email protected]

Stay tuned.

Julius Young

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