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Those folks in Bentonville are at it again. Wal-Mart is jumping into the political arena.

Today’s Wall Street Journal reports that Wal-Mart is organizing all its store managers and department heads to warn that an Obama victory would make it easier for workers to unionize.

Thousands have been summoned to mandatory meetings meetings which
advise about the concern that a Democratic victory could lead to more
union membership.

Wal-Mart is bitterly opposed to the proposed Employee Free Choice Act.
If enacted, the Employee Free Choice Act would allow workers to vote for unions by signing a card rather than just in one secret ballot election. The bill passed the House last year but was taken off the Senate floor after a fillibuster and threatened veto by President Bush.

This comes at a time when Labor Department stats show that workers are losing ground to soaring energy and food costs. Workers are paying a higher share of their benefits. To see some of the stats, click here: … surge.html

You can find the Wall Street Journal article here: … 03381.html

Stay tuned.

Julius Young

Category: Political developments