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Not UR’d.

The Governor, that is.

The Governor found time to go have a quick knee arthroscopy while the legislature was in full food fight mode over the budget over the budget.
Since the torn ligament was non-industrial, there was no need to wade through ACOEM review under UR.

Turns out the Governor has had quite a bit of surgery. 1997 heart surgery. 2003 rotator cuff surgery. 2006 femur surgery.

If he has a work injury while in office, looks like there may be grounds for apportionment.

One would hope this gives him perspective on the travails of injured workers. Of course, if the Governor wants surgery it’s a just do it mentality. Workers, on the other hand, sometimes must run a gauntlet before getting the requisite approvals.

Stay tuned.

This week I’ll be providing analysis on the recent rate increase recommendation filed by the California WCIRB. The proposal-known as a rate filing-was unveiled last Friday.

Julius Young
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