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The WCAB is facing another round of furloughs.

We’re not alone. Yesterday’s New York Times had a piece on the creative ways states and municipalities are dealing with their budget shortfalls.

Hawaii is imposing furloughs on its schools. There will be less class time. An Atlanta suburb has decided to close down its public bus system. Riders without access to a vehicle are out of luck. In Colorado, Colorado Springs has decided to cut off street lighting.

The American mood isn’t in its usual glimmering late summer euphoria.

It’s not a good time for President Obama to be going to Martha’s Vineyard. After all, Michelle Obama was villified as a modern Marie Antoinette after visiting Spain with an entourage.

Before you escape into that podcast of eMeg parsing her immigration stance on the John and Ken talk radio show, before beginning that backyard supersoaker battle or embarking on that latest Stieg Larsson novel, perhaps you should check out a worthy piece in the journal The Nation that relates more about the backstory surrounding the AIG rescue.

Can’t promise it will help your mood. But you’ll be angrier and more ferocious with that supersoaker.

The article, authored by William Greider, is aptly titled “The AIG Bailout Scandal”: … l?page=0,2

Stay tuned.

Julius Young

Category: Political developments