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I’m engaged in a new venture. I hope you’ll check it out.

It’s a video-based series called “Julius and Jake: The Comp Guys”. You’ll be able to find the video segments on You Tube as well as on a dedicated site.

Joining me for the video talk-show format will be Richard Jacobsmeyer of Shaw, Jacobsmeyer, Crain, Claffey and Nix LLP. We’ll be focusing on ongoing workers’ comp issues: case law developments, regulatory changes, industry trends, and legislative efforts.

The genesis of the program was a series of seminars Jacobsmeyer and I did for SCIF this year. At training conferences for SCIF attorneys in Burlingame and San Pedro, Jacobsmeyer and I debated issues surrounding the Almaraz and Guzman decisions.

California’s workers’ comp industry is blessed with a number of top-flight print and web-based journals: the California Workers Compensation Reporter….the Appeals Board Reporter….the Workers’ Comp Executive….the Lexis Nexis Workers Comp Community……to name some of the most prominent resources.

And for the last three years I’ve written this workerscompzone blog, trying to focus on industry trends and interesting aspects of the system.

But there has been essentially no video-based analysis of trends in the comp system. We believe the video format can be enjoyed by claims professionals as well as injured workers and employers.

Shouldn’t our system have its Siskel and Ebert? Its Shields and Brooks?
Even its Click and Clack?

So “Julius and Jake: The Comp Guys” was born.

Jake Jacobsmeyer has been a prominent defense attorney in California for years. And before working for the defense, he was one of the Bay Area’s top applicant attorneys. He brings a great deal of experience and perspective to the program.

I (Julius) bring different things to the program. In addition to many years as a partner at Boxer & Gerson (which has one of the largest workers’ comp practice areas of any firm in California) I’ve also served as a judge pro tem at the WCAB. As the writer of the workerscompzone blog, I follow many of the political trends and think tank studies that influence the direction of the industry. And with a wife who has an international trade business, I have frequent opportunities to look at the system from an international perspective.

We’ll be bringing those perspectives to the programs.

Our first offerings (in a 30 minute discussion format) include the following:
-a September 2010 workers comp recap
-a session on the demise of voc rehab and vouchers
-two sessions on Guzman (one pre- 6th District ruling and one post
6th District ruling)
-a program on the utilization review process

Plans for the future include a monthly recap of California workers’ comp events. As important cases are decided or other interesting events unfold, we’ll do special programs. And over time we may film interviews with some of the movers and shakers in California workers’ comp.

Along with the programs we’ll be doing a companion blog. The blog ( will feature the videos and will also include commentaries that have links to some of the primary source material we discuss.

We’ll be giving you our opinions on cases and trends.

If you’re an injured worker or an employer, use caution. The videos are not designed to give legal advice. Cases which are discussed may be overturned. Trends and theories which are discussed may not pan out.
Other attorneys and other stakeholders may have different opinions.

Here is a link to site:

To find the September 2010 Comp Update:

To find the episode on Guzman:

To find the segment on utilization review:

To find the program on the demise of VR and vouchers:

We hope you’ll bookmark the site and come back periodically. As we upload videos I’ll post links on the workerscompzone site.

Great thanks are due to our producer Sam Gold. Sam was an injured worker himself and is a passionate advocate for the rights of injured workers. Sam has produced a show called Injured Worker TV and has started the Injured Worker Television Network. Sam has been generous with his time in helping us film the episodes we’ve done so far, and it’s deeply appreciated.

Stay tuned.

Julius Young

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