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Is California fatally dysfunctional?

If so, is the problem that we have too many people with too many needs that are too reliant on the state for help? That we’ve ramped up too many programs that we can’t pay for?

Or that we haven’t developed a workable revenue stream, since a large percentage of state income taxes are paid by very high earners whose income falls in times of economic challenge?

Here’s one take on what’s gone wrong.

“How California Became Ungovernable”.

That’s the thesis of Jerry Roberts and Phil Trounstine, a pair of experienced reporters who’ve covered the California political scene for decades.

As we sit on the verge of going to IOUs to pay the state’s bills, their argument is worth sharing: … overnable/

Upcoming: I’ll soon be attending the CAAA Squaw Valley meetings. Check back for some live blogging from there.

Julius Young

Category: Political developments