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The California State Senate Labor and Insurance subcommittee holds hearings Wednesday on the bill to prohibit discrimination in workers’ compensation.

Here’s the bill, SB 1115 (sponsored by State Senator Carole Migden): … oduced.pdf

The concept behind the bill is strikingly simple: there should be no discrimination in workers compensation based on gender, race, age, and other similar categories.

It will be interesting to see who lines up against the bill. Can opponents at least agree with the goal of a non-discriminatory comp system? Do the opponents believe that cost savings generated by SB 899 should trump
concerns that worker benefits are being denied based on race, gender and age-based considerations?

Here’s a link to the article by Sacramento Bee columnist Daniel Weintraub which endorses the need for fixing the comp system: … ck_check=1

Weintraub denounces the use of gender, age and race to reduce worker benefits.

Also worthy of attention is the piece by an injured worker, Sam Gold, in the California Progress Report, “A California Injured Worker Asks: What’s Wrong with Banning Discrimination in Workers’ Compensation?”: … _in_1.html

Stay tuned.

Julius Young

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