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Friday in California.

Some of you reading this may be stuck in an office, fantasizing taling the fishing gear this weekend to the nearest lake or pier.

In Washington, a big fishing trip is about to begin.

Led by Los Angeles Democrat Henry Waxman, a Congressional subcommittee is going on an oversight investigation about the recent problems at A.I.G.

Subpenas have been issued to old and newly installed A.I.G. managemment.

Given the heavy role of the U.S. government in saving A.I.G, it woould appear to be a public relations disaster if A.I.G refuses to cooperate.

So perhaps in a few months we’ll have a more detailed look at the workings of this insurance behemoth, and what went wrong there. Waxman is known as a very tough investigator.

Stay tuned.

Julius Young

Category: Political developments