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Happy Easter.

It’s been quite a week. We’ve been bombarded with images of the nutty
Jeremiah Wright. There’s got to be more to James Cone’s”Liberation Theology” than Wright’s screeds. But just as liberals have their Wright, conservatives have their John Hagee and Pat Robertson.

Growing up in the Bible Belt, I always had a love-hate relationship with the pulpit. Tent revival evangelist A.A. Allen set up his huge tent just a few miles down the road from where I was growing up. You don’t know Allen? Here’s a link:
Legend has it that when Allen’s minions collected offering, they’d toss it up with Allen noting that “what goes up is the Lord’s and what comes down is mine”. Not a bad business plan.

A country that produces a range of viewpoints-from Reverend Ike, Rev. Eugene Scott, Garner Ted Armstrong and Rev. Cecil Williams to Sinclair Lewis, who had the courage to write ” Elmer Gantry”-can’t be said to be lacking in diversity on the evangelism front.

But Sunday morning has now turned to Sunday afternoon. Californians
engage in that springtime ritual-washing the car.

Turns out there are lots of dirty car washes out there.

Car washes that ignore labor standards laws. Uninsured for workers’ comp. Magnet for illegals, who are then abused. Businesses underpaying workers.

Take a look at the Los Angeles Times piece on these dirty carwashes: … 2975.story

It’s another one of the dirty secrets in this modern economy. The people who do the crap jobs-the jobs Americans don’t want to do-are often
subjected to illegal treatment. Why? As Bill Clinton famously once said,
because we “could”.

Wishing a happy day to all my readers…

Julius Young

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