Workers Comp Zone


Dear Santa:

You, your elves and your reindeer troupe must be very busy. Hope you aren’t having any near-miss collisions with the prototype Drones that Amazon is testing to use for its deliveries.

I’m getting started late on my wish-list. But here goes.

I have a big wish list of items I’d like to see changed. But I won’t ask you for new ideas or big changes in law . Some of this stuff is probably a stretch for your North Pole workshop, but what the hell?

So here are some things us workers’ comp folks could use.

Wi-fi at the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board district offices

A new rating manual that reflects many of the jobs actually done by workers in a tech-changed economy

A long promised but still undelivered computer portal to select panel QMEs

Some more judges

A better image for workers’ comp at a time when alleged bad behavior by doctors has created even more cynicism about workers comp

A DWC press conference where the workers’ comp press could actually ask questions of the people running the system

Some more WCAB commissioners

A fairly designed and fairly executed formulary to cut down on the volume of disputes over what medications are permissible under the system

A scalp or two from parties who have failed to comply with UR and IMR rules or who fail to observe rules requiring timely service of medicals

Some efforts to provide MTUS education for doctors

A study analyzing what states have the best workers’ comp systems and why

An RFA form that incorporates MTUS guidelines

A law and motion calendar at the boards for discovery and procedural issue disputes

A WCAB dress code so that lawyers don’t show up wearing Crocs and Hush Puppies

Some new QMEs and AMEs to rejuvenate the list of aging QMEs/AMEs

A good app that injured workers can use to manage their mileage requests, out of pocket expenses, appointments and activity levels

Some more court reporters

A happy holiday for California’s injured workers and all of those involved in the comp system

It’s a tall order, Santa.

But never hurts to ask.

Julius Young