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As I’ve said before, comp’s got talent.

Earlier posts featured Ralph Paterno of Boxer & Gerson and the Golden Gate Gypsy Orchestra, populated by several workers’ comp QMEs.

Today we feature Mark Vickness, an applicant attorney friend and colleague of mine in Oakland. Vickness’ band is called Glass House (, which features the keyboards and percussion of Vickness along with vocals from charismatic singer David Worm.

Today Vickness released a new music video on Youtube, titled “Madison”.
The song focuses on the recent labor struggles in Wisconsin, where Governor Scott Walker has sought to reduce public employee bargaining rights.

Have a listen:

Vickness’ Glass House periodically performs at Bay Area coffeehouses and venues such as San Francisco’s Noe Valley Ministry. His efforts are impressive.

(know someone in the comp community with musical, artistic or other special talents? give me a holler at [email protected])

Julius Young

Category: Political developments