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PETA is upset.

That’s the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. They’re upset because Obama swatted a fly with gusto during an interview with journalist John Harwood. I must say his assertive swatting looked pretty good to me. The bigger question, it seems, is whether Obama can use some of that high but dwindling popularity to take on the herd of cats called Congress before the window to achieve healthcare reform closes.

Meanwhile, up in River City, Governor Schwarzenegger gave California Senate Pro-Tem a metal sculpture of bull testicles, presumably to highlight that it will take some cojones to solve the California budget chasm.

It was that kind of week.

In our workers’ comp world, perhaps SCIF should take some swatting lessons from our President. But perhaps it’s too late.

Like the pesky fly that keeps coming back, the tint of scandal continues to follow the State Compensation Insurance Fund. A new regime now runs SCIF, but the old regime is under the microscope.

A possible criminal microscope.

Who’d a-thunk there might be rapscallions in California’s comp insurance industry?

Search warrants have been served at the offices of a former SCIF director, and more searches of other former personnel may follow. This could get very interesting.

Here’s the L.A. Times piece on these developments: … 4915.story

Stay tuned.

Julius Young
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