Workers Comp Zone


On his last day to act on bills, Governor Brown vetoed three more workers’ compensation bills. 

The bills vetoed were:

AB 1643 (Lorena Gonzalez) (prohibiting apportionment to certain conditions frequently occurring in women, and requiring that breast cancer and prostate cancer receive equivalent impairment ratings)

SB 897 (Roth) (would grant an additional year of injury leave for police officers, firefighters, or sheriffs if they suffer a “catastrophic injury at the hands of another” during active duty or through active firefighting operations.

AB 2086 (Cooley) (restoring the status of neuropsychology as a recognized QME category)

All three bills were slightly different from versions on the same topics that Brown vetoed last year, but the differences in language made no difference in the end.

Here are links to the Brown veto messages on these 3 bills:

The veto message on the gender bill, AB 1643:

The veto message on SB 897 (Roth):

The veto message on the neuropsych bill AB 2086 is here:

In a post yesterday I noted that Brown had signed AB 1244 (Gray) (anti-fraud measure) and SB 1160 (Mendoza) (addresses UR in some early stages of claims and has anti-fraud measures) but vetoed AB 1922 (Daly).

In the coming week I’ll be posting some more commentary on this year’s legislative session.

Stay tuned.

Julius Young