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In closed a closed door session this afternoon, California Assembly Democrats decided to give the nod to Assemblywoman Karen Bass to succeed termed out Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez.

Bass was not in the Assembly in 2004 and did not vote on SB 899, the Schwarzenegger workers’ comp reform bill.

Generally Bass has supported labor interests in the Capitol. She received a 0% rating from the California Manufacturers and Technology Association. You can see that group’s scorecard here:

Bass, an African-American whose term expires in 2010, represents a Los Angeles area district. She has worked as a physicians’ assistant at the Los Angeles County/USC Medical Center and has taught at USC. Her expertise in healthcare issues will probably be a big plus as the legislature addresses healthcare reform and workers’ compensation reform issues. Her bio is found here:

More analysis in the days to come. Check out my post from earlier today on Senate passage of the anti-bias bill.

Julius Young

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