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The transition is well underway from the Schwarzenegger era.

Although the Governor’s attention is laser-focused on how to deal with the budget, his people are beginning to focus on whether they should “blow up some of the boxes” that Arnold never got around to blowing up.

That’s one of the themes of an interview (posted online) with California’s Secretary of Labor and Workforce Development, Marty Morganstern.
Interviewed by the Cal-OSHA Reporter’s Kevin Thompson, Morganstern muses on some possible changes or consolidations in the Labor and Workforce Development Agency: … flash.aspx

Like Russian matryoshka nesting dolls, the WCAB nests inside the DWC which nests inside the DIR which nests inside the Labor and Workforce
Development Agency.

I’ve heard rumors that we’ll see a DWC Administrative Director appointed very soon.

In the meanwhile, CHSWC Executive Officer Christine Baker, now moving into acting assistant to DIR head John Duncan, appears poised to step up the the helm of the DIR when Duncan leaves.

It’s easy to forget that workers’ comp is merely one part of DIR. The department includes the Labor Commissioner, Cal-OSHA, the Division of Labor Statistics and Research, the Division of Apprenticeship Standards, and a number of programs and commissions, including CHSWC, Labor Compliance Programs, WOSHTEP, the Industrial Welfare Commission, the Uninsured Employers Benefits Trust Fund and more.

It’s a full plate.

More as the team’s roster fills……

Julius Young

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