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San Francisco attorney Alfonso Moresi has been appointed to an open slot on the California Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board.
Moresi will fill the slot that recently opened up with the departure of WCAB commissioner Merle Rabine.

The appointment is subject to confirmation by the California State Senate.

I have known Al Moresi for years. Although I would have preferred that Gov. Schwarzenegger appoint an attorney who has represented injured workers, I respect Al Moresi’s competence and integrity. As a founding and name partner of one of the state’s largest workers’ compensation defense firms, Moresi has years of experience in the field. Over the years, I have litigated hundreds of cases against Moresi.

Injured workers should not and can not expect that Moresi will necessarily vote in a pro-injured worker fashion on many of the cases that come up. But I do predict that he will be a reasonable member of the board who will at least give serious consideration to all points of view. There are many issues regarding the interpretation of the 2004 reforms which have been decided by a 5-4 majority. The WCAB may or may not decide to revisit some of those issues.

With that said, however, it should be noted that Schwarzenegger will have several other WCAB appointments to make later this year.
The bottom line is that Schwarzenegger’s appointments are likely to be insurer-friendly, giving the Governor ample opportunity to pack the WCAB with appointees friendly to his reforms.

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