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If you’ve never visited the Ritz-Carlton at Half Moon Bay on the San Mateo coast, you’ve missed a beautiful spot. Perched on a serene bluff over the Pacific, the resort reeks of privilege, pampering, and calm.

Got to give them credit where it’s due. Those AIG executives have good taste in resorts. The Ritz was to be their next shindig. Despite the bailout and despite word that the Federal Reserve is loaning billions more to AIG, the Ritz-Carlton event was still on.

Insurance brokers were set to join them at the fest.

But after all the negative press about their expensive soiree at Monarch Bay, they’ve decided to cancel.

Those pesky taxpayers. They are such spoilers.

Here’s the piece on confirming the cancellation: … y_id=31334

Stay tuned. Someday I’ll get back to more bread and butter daily California workers’ comp issues, but the unfolding developments in our economy regarding insurers are so significant (and game changing) that I’ll be focusing on that until events calm down.

Julius Young
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