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There’s word today that Governor Schwarzenegger is threatening a third state employee furlough day.

Despite “user funding”, only some SCIF employees are currently exempted from the
current two day furlough.

A three day furlough would further slow business at the state’s Workers’ Compensation
Appeals Boards. User funding is not saving the WCAB from pain.

As of Friday afternoon, the legislative impasse continues. In late afternoon remarks to the California Applicants Attorneys Association, State senator Mark DeSaulnier noted that “Dickens would be amazed if he came back to California now”. DeSaulnier, the Chair of the Senate Industrial Relations Committee, noted that we currently have a “Winchester House” of government by initiatives that have led us to this crisis.

Also of interest: DeSaulnier noted that it is likely that Governor Schwarzenegger will not support the bill to extend the right to predesignate a doctor before a worker is injured.The right to predesignate sunsets at the end of 2009 unless it is extended by statute.

DeSaulnier has his hat in the ring for the U.S. House seat being vacated by Ellen Tauscher. Also running is Lt. Gov. John Garamendi, who many disabled worker advocates feel played a role (as Insurance Commissioner) in creating a crisis mentality that led to the harsh 2004 workers’ comp reforms.

In my next post I’ll cover more from the Squaw Valley CAAA conference.

Julius Young

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