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A Partner at Boxer & Gerson LLP, Julius Young has practiced worker’s compensation law and social security disability law since 1979. He has represented thousands of individuals who have sustained life-changing injuries or illnesses while on the job. In every case, his goal is to secure the medical treatments his clients need.

May 24, 2017


Should California adopt a single payer healthcare system? How might this integrate with other federal and private health systems? And how would California workers’ comp be affected? These are all questions that are coming to the fore as the California legislature considers SB 562 (Lara/Atkins), known as the Healthy California Act. SB passed out of […]

May 16, 2017


We’re in one of those languid periods of California workers’ comp. A final formulary isn’t done. Legislatively speaking, many of the bills bouncing around probably aren’t headed for the Labor Code. Those who would like to see worker-side reforms don’t have juice with this governor and administration. RAND studies on anti-fraud efforts and medical care reforms aren’t yet […]

May 4, 2017


We’re coming down to the wire on adoption of a formulary mandated by AB 1124, which set July 1, 2017 as the date for adoption of a prescription drug formulary. A May 1, 2017 DWC hearing was held in Oakland on the current formulary version, the 45-day comment phase. While it may be possible for the […]


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