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A Partner at Boxer & Gerson LLP, Julius Young has practiced worker’s compensation law and social security disability law since 1979. He has represented thousands of individuals who have sustained life-changing injuries or illnesses while on the job. In every case, his goal is to secure the medical treatments his clients need.

February 23, 2015


Several weeks ago Pulitzer Prize winning poet Philip Levine died. Levine was widely hailed as one of America’s leading poets of the past 50 years. His poetry often focused on themes of working people. Over the years I’d read an occasional Levine poem, but never paid that much attention to his work. Levine had a […]

February 19, 2015


Would you like to be a California workers’ comp judge? That was a question posed to me at a recent party by an acquaintance who has no experience with the workers’ comp field. The answer is no. But it got me thinking. It was a subject I recently discussed with one of the judges and […]

February 10, 2015


The writ in Dubon II has been denied. The constitutionality of the IMR system in in play in the pending Stevens case. Meanwhile, another interesting case involving UR and IMR was recently decided by the WCAB. Thanks to the LexisNexis Legal Newsroom on Workers’ Compensation and attorney Robert Rassp for bringing the case of Loretta […]

February 2, 2015


The DWC has posted on its website the RAND Corporations’s study on home health care in workers’ compensation. The study, titled “Home Health Care for California’s Injured Workers: Options for Implementing a Fee Schedule” can be found here: SB 863 added Labor Code 5307.1(a)(1) which requires the DWC adopt a home health services fee […]


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