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A Partner at Boxer & Gerson LLP, Julius Young has practiced worker’s compensation law and social security disability law since 1979. He has represented thousands of individuals who have sustained life-changing injuries or illnesses while on the job. In every case, his goal is to secure the medical treatments his clients need.

May 29, 2013


“California, home of high-tech, has tough time upgrading own computers”. When I viewed that headline of a Capitol Weekly article by Samantha Gallegos, I found myself chucking. In the workers’ comp community we know about that after having watched the rollout of EAMS (the electronic adjudication management system) several years ago. But workers’ comp is […]

May 26, 2013


It seems that the DWC is listening. Recently there has been an outpouring of concern from all quarters in the comp community about the DWC backlog in processing QME panel requests. Those delays adversely affect employers and injured workers alike. Delays can adversely affect medical treatment and may in fact lead to increased indemnity costs. […]

May 20, 2013


One of the ironies of the California workers’ comp system is the lack of education treating and evaluating doctors have. The AMA Guidelines, 5th Edition became the touchstone of disability evaluations in 2005. But QMEs were not required to be schooled in use of those guidelines. Many QMEs have by now delved deeply into the […]

May 12, 2013


Judges and attorneys know it as a frequent scenario. An injured worker, frustrated with the delays and treatment denials in the system, simply wishes to cash out their case. As part of a buyout they usually take a negotiated amount of money in exchange for releasing the insurer from liability for future medical treatment. Perhaps […]