Boxer & Gerson in the News

Women’s Issues Highlighted At Consulate Events

Recent events at the San Francisco consulates of Peru and El Salvador focused the attention of guests on the empowerment of women in those countries and others in Latin America. Boxer & Gerson attorney Maria Sager attended both events, one a fundraiser for the Peruvian women’s economic empowerment group Chicuchas Wasi and the other a reception for Liduvina Magarin, the vice minister of exterior affairs for El Salvador. In both of those countries and across the larger Latin American world, expanding economic and political opportunities for women is a subject of increasing urgency. A number of initiatives from both the governmental and private sectors are addressing the issue, which is regarded as key to alleviating the poverty that continues to impede progress in the region.

Boxer & Gerson’s support for and attendance at these events aligns with its efforts to be a resource for immigrants to the U.S., many of whom leave behind relatives in Latin American countries. As part of this effort, Sager maintains close contact with consulates representing Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Peru, often making presentations on workers’ rights and other legal matters to consulate audiences.