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Added together, the attorneys at Boxer & Gerson, LLP have over 350 years of legal experience. You can learn more below about the trial verdicts, arbitration awards, and settlements they have achieved over the course of their careers.

Remember that prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome in any case.
These Personal Injury case highlights are divided by practice areas. Click below to read more:

Automobile and Truck Accidents

$12.6 Million Jury Verdict for Child Injured by Defective Highway Design. Before joining Boxer & Gerson, trial attorney Gary Roth represented an 11-year old child who was injured in a single vehicle auto collision caused by a defective roadway and suffered an amputated arm and a crushed leg, causing him to have more than thirty surgeries. After a two week jury trial, he secured a $12.6 million verdict for his client against the state and the driver for the serious injuries that were caused.

$3 Million Pre-Trial Settlement for Wrongful Death in Rear-End Collision. Boxer & Gerson achieved a $3 million settlement for the family of a self-employed HVAC repairman who was killed in a rear-end collision while working on a CalTrans Project.

$370,000 Settlement for Injured Worker. Boxer & Gerson took the case of a union member who suffered an injured foot when he was hit by a car while picketing against unfair labor practices. The driver of the car paid out $370,000 in settlement for his negligence.

Confidential Settlement for Woman With Closed Head Injury. Boxer & Gerson represented a 19-year-old woman who sustained a closed head injury in a vehicle-pedestrian collision. The woman, who underwent two years of rehabilitation, received a confidential settlement for injuries and emotional distress damages.

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Catastrophic Injury and Death

$16 Million Settlement for Families of Workers Killed in Walnut Creek Pipeline Explosion. Matamoras Pipeline welders Israel Hernandez and Victor Rodriguez lost their lives in the construction of EBMUD’s Walnut Creek pipeline project when the pipeline exploded on November 9, 2004. Their families retained Boxer & Gerson to find out how this tragic event occurred and to seek redress for their loss. The firm filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the companies involved in designing and managing the pipeline construction project. In the end, defendants EBMUD, Mountain Cascade, Kinder Morgan and Com-Force paid a total of $16 million, which was to be allocated over time to the surviving family members of the two men.

$3.1 Million Settlement for Family of Man Killed in Scaffolding Accident. Boxer & Gerson represented the wife and young children of Darryl Clemons, a 33-year-old painter who lost his life when scaffolds collapsed on the Bay Bridge seismic retrofit project in January 2002. Working with a team of metallurgists and mechanical engineers, Boxer & Gerson was able to build evidence that the company that produced the scaffold Mr. Clemons had been using had exaggerated its capabilities to get the public construction project and failed to build the scaffolding according to the design. The lawsuit resulted in a $3.1 million settlement for the family.

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Construction Accidents

$2.25 Million Settlement for Journeyman Diesel Mechanic for On-the-Job Injury. After a truck on a highway construction project backed into a journeyman diesel mechanic, Boxer & Gerson sued to recover lost past and future wages and emotional distress damages. The resulting $2.25 million dollar settlement helped the union construction worker regain his financial security and move on with his life.

$1.05 Million Jury Verdict for Electrician Injured In Construction Site Accident. Boxer & Gerson won a $1.05 million dollar jury verdict for a union electrician who suffered a broken wrist when he fell over an anchor bolt on a construction site at UC Berkeley. Trial attorney John Anton presented evidence that a subcontractor on the project left the premises in a dangerous condition and should have foreseen the possibility of injury.

Confidential Settlement for Truck Driver Injured At Construction Site. In a case settled on confidential terms, Gary Roth represented a truck driver who was airlifted after being pinned between the bucket of a backhoe and the bed of his truck while on a construction site.

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Dangerous and Defective Products

Jury Verdict of $1.1 million for Man Injured in Fall Caused by Defective Light Pole. A jury awarded one of Boxer & Gerson’s clients $1.1 million to compensate him for the physical injuries, lost wages, and emotional distress he suffered after he fell off a ladder while replacing light fixtures on a tennis court. The firm’s attorneys demonstrated to the jury that the defective design of the light pole was responsible for the fall.

Settlement of $1+ Million for Steelworker Injured by Defective Equipment. When a veteran steelworker was caught in 50-year old machinery and suffered permanent injuries, including the loss of an arm, Boxer & Gerson had to prove that a present-day company was liable for the negligence of the machinery’s manufacturer. After a lengthy investigation that took him around the country and uncovered additional successor liability from other involved companies, Boxer & Gerson partner John Anton delivered a seven-figure settlement to assure the steelworker’s financial future and compensate him for the pain and suffering he endured.

Confidential Settlement for Man Injured in Water Slide. Boxer & Gerson, LLP brought suit on behalf of a client who became a quadriplegic while using a backyard water slide. The firm argued that the product’s design and warnings were dangerous and failed to guard against foreseeable injuries. To compensate the injured man for the life-altering effects of the injury, the firm negotiated a settlement on confidential terms.

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Dangerous Conditions of Property

$10.6 Million Jury Verdict for Man Injured in Slip-and-Fall. A man injured his knee and subsequently developed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in a slip-and-fall accident on a wet floor in a retail store. This central nervous system disorder disabled him and required multiple surgeries. Through aggressive discovery during litigation, trial attorney Gary Roth proved that the store and its contractors had failed to fix problems with the roof over a three year period prior to the incident. The result of trial was a $10.6 million verdict against the store, the installer of the roof and the manufacturer of the roof.

Jury Verdict of $1.1 Million for Maintenance Employee Severely Injured in Fall. Boxer & Gerson obtained a verdict of $1.1 million for a condominium maintenance employee who severely fractured both ankles when he fell 28 feet while fixing a tennis court light. Nearly ten years earlier, the light had been installed without a bolt that would have prevented the accident, and Boxer & Gerson was able to prove that the developer of the condominium should be held responsible for the serious injury.

$2 Million Settlement for Teamster Hit by Defective Forklift. After a Teamster warehouseman was hit by a forklift on a loading dock, Boxer & Gerson filed suit against the warehouse owner and a product manufacturer to prove the warehouse owner’s employee was negligent it driving the forklift and that a product he was transporting was dangerous and defective. The union worker received a $2 million dollar settlement to compensate for his injuries.

$550,000 Settlement for Carpenter Injured by Falling Rebar Column. Boxer & Gerson represented a union carpenter who suffered a severe injury when a large rebar column fell on top of him, crushing his leg. This accident was ranked as the most severe injury sustained by any worker during the construction of Pac Bell Park. Although Cal-OSHA initially concluded that the general contractor did nothing wrong, the firm’s thorough investigation turned up evidence that proved otherwise, and the firm achieved a $550,000 settlement for the injured worker.

$800,000 Settlement for Union Member Injured in Workplace Fall. When a member of the Operating Engineers union fell into a poorly marked and poorly lit pit on a seismic upgrade project, Boxer & Gerson sued for his injuries, resulting in an $800,000 settlement for lost wages, medical expenses, and emotional distress.

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Motorcycle and Bicycle Accidents

Confidential Settlement for Man Hit by Motorcycle. A disabled veteran was driving his motorcycle in Oakland when a young lawyer suddenly turned in front of him, resulting in the loss of the motorcycle rider’s left foot and other injuries. Boxer & Gerson was able to establish that the lawyer was at fault and that he was traveling on business. The result was a highly satisfactory settlement against the defendant lawyer’s law firm.

Confidential Settlement for Bicycle Accident Caused by Hole in Roadway. A 14-year-old who was riding his bicycle in Berkeley sustained significant head injuries when he hit a hole in the pavement caused by a leaking water main. Boxer & Gerson led an investigation that determined the cause of the accident, found witnesses who testified on the client’s behalf and delivered a structured settlement guaranteeing monthly payments for the rest of the boy’s life.

In a case still pending, Boxer & Gerson attorney Gary Roth represents a police officer who was ejected from his motorcycle when a driver exited a parking lot without looking.

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