Workers’ Compensation for Police and Firefighters

Police officers and firefighters occupy a special place in the daily life of a community, and their workers face unusual risks. Hours of handling everyday tasks at the station house can suddenly erupt into emergency situations in the field that require explosive and sustained physical effort in which the injury potential is high—and sometimes life-threatening. 

Expert Representation for Injured Bay Area Police and Fire Professionals

When such an injury occurs and a claim needs to be filed, it is vital to be represented by attorneys who are familiar with the unique circumstances attending public safety officers' cases.

Boxer & Gerson attorneys have maintained a longstanding commitment to represent injured police and fire department professionals. This special area of workers’ compensation law requires expertise gained only by long experience and first-hand knowledge of the particular issues and concerns of injured workers. We welcome inquiries and consultations without cost or obligation. There is never any fee for Boxer & Gerson services until we win our client's case.

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