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Second $1.2 Million Award for Arjuna Farnsworth Client in Roofing Accident

Boxer & Gerson Worker’s Compensation Specialist Arjuna Farnsworth won the second of two $1.2 million judgments recently for a client who fell off a roof and faces life as a paraplegic. Steven Lopez was in his 20s, married and with a young child when he suffered the catastrophic accident. Farnsworth successfully negotiated a settlement that guaranteed Lopez uninterrupted monthly payments from his employer’s insurance company, the State Workers’ Compensation Fund, rather than endure a trial that may have required a wait of five years or more with no source of income.

“The actual value of the award projects out to more than double the stated amount over time, so Mr. Lopez will be well provided for as he moves on to the next stage of his life out from under the concern of being able to provide for his family,” Farnsworth says.