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Julius Young’s “WorkersComp Zone” blog wins Top Blog of the Year 2009 award

(Oakland, CA – 11/23/09) – Boxer & Gerson, LLP partner Julius Young has received the “Top Blog of the Year 2009” award for his WorkersComp Zone that provides “a steady stream of insightful commentary and analysis” on timely workers’ compensation issues, according to LexisNexis Workers’ Compensation Law Center, which announced the award on Nov. 16.

“It’s very gratifying to be acknowledged, and I appreciate the recognition,” said Young, a partner at Boxer & Gerson since 1988. “I look forward to continuing to blog on behalf of the rights of California workers, employees and the disabled.”

Young has been writing the blog since December 2006. “When I started doing this I felt there was a lack of any significant effort by commentators to address workers’ comp issues in California from the workers’ standpoint,” he said. “There is a lot of focus on workers’ comp costs and workers’ comp reform, but not much on how all this was actually affecting workers in California. So I’ve attempted to focus on that and also put it in the context of developments in the industry and the California workers’ comp regulations.”

Young’s blog at also addresses the mix of workers’ comp with politics and culture. His lively, informative and down-to-earth style is paired with a wealth of knowledge and experience in workers’ comp issues. It is designed to help injured workers and labor union members navigate through California’s complex comp system.

Last year, Young’s WorkersComp Zone was named one of the Top 25 Blogs by the LexisNexis Workers’ Compensation Law Center. His blog shared top honors this year with the Workers’ Comp Insider written by Lynch Ryan. Unlike Young’s blog, which focuses on California issues, Ryan’s blog covers a broader range of issues on a national level.

In announcing the WorkersComp Zone as the top blog, LexisNexis said Young’s blog “was clearly ‘in the zone’ during 2009 with its coverage of the ongoing battle over workers’ compensation rates in California as evidenced by a Sacramento Business Journal article which quoted WorkersComp Zone for its criticism of the Workers’ Compensation Rating Insurance Bureau.”

LexisNexis praised Young’s “insightful commentary on the controversial Almarez-Guzman decision relating to the use of the AMA guides to rate permanent disability, state furloughs, and the sale of part of the State Compensation Fund. We tip our hats to WorkersComp Zone, the citizen watchdog of California workers’ compensation politics.”

Young has focused primarily on workers’ compensation and Social Security disability cases and has established a reputation as an excellent negotiator and trial lawyer. He was appointed as a judge pro tem by the Presiding Workers’ Compensation Judge in Oakland eight years ago, allowing him to serve as a settlement conference judge at the request of the court. He has lectured on workers’ compensation to numerous professional groups and unions and has authored op-ed articles in newspapers, in addition to contributing many legal advice articles and podcasts to his blog.

The LexisNexis Workers’ Compensation Law Center is a Web site for the workers’ compensation community and provides commentary, blogs, news headlines, podcasts, top cases and other features. Its “Top Blog of the Year 2009” and “Top 25 Blogs 2009” honorees include blogs from around the country on a wide variety of workers’ comp topics.

“These blogsites contain some of the best writing out there on workers’ compensation and workplace issues in general,” said Robin Kobayashi, lead editor of the LexisNexis Workers’ Compensation Law Center. “They contain a wealth of information for the workers’ compensation community with timely news items, practical information, expert analysis, tips, frequent postings, and helpful links to other sites. These blogsites always show us how workplace issues interact with politics and culture. Moreover, they demonstrate how bloggers can impact the world of workers’ compensation and workplace issues.”