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Boxer & Gerson’s Maria Sager to Address UC Employee Union Stewards

Assuring an accurate information stream for employees about their rights in a fast-paced work environment is a challenge in every setting. The challenge is heightened in an era when virtually every major California employer attracts applicants and provides jobs to immigrants whose first language is Spanish. Language and cultural barriers can make it difficult to adequately inform such employees about their full range of options and rights should they be injured on the job.

Boxer & Gerson workers’ compensation specialist Maria Sager will address those challenges and many others on July 25 when she presents two seminars to the shop stewards of American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Local 3299. The union represents some 20,000 University of California workers at 10 campuses and five medical centers from throughout the system. Employee groups include custodians, food service workers, cooks, bus drivers, licensed vocational nurses, nursing assistants, medical assistants and techs.

“I will basically walk them through the UC system and provide a specific case example so the stewards can learn enough to convey accurate information back to their rank-and-file,” says Sager, who joined Boxer & Gerson as a partner in 2003. The two sessions will last two hours each, with time built in for discussion and addressing particular concerns of the stewards.

“Workers’ compensation law is complex, with many moving parts,” Sager says. “Job injuries can have a devastating effect on a worker’s economic and emotional health, so it is vital that they and their unions fully understand the processes and procedures that can help assure all of their rights under the law.”