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Boxer & Gerson LLP partner Julius Young and Jake Jacobsmeyer announce their video collaboration as “The Comp Guys”

October 11, 2010

Contact: Julius Young (510) 286-2932
Richard Jacobsmeyer (510) 410-8594

Partners from two of California’s premier workers’ compensation law
firms have combined to provide cutting edge commentary and analysis in a
readily accessible format for that industry and interested observers. Boxer
and Gerson LLP partner Julius Young, and Shaw, Jacobsmeyer, Crain &
Claffey LLP partner Richard (“Jake”) Jacobsmeyer, announce a new video
based website on California workers’ compensation, features video discussions by Young and
Jacobsmeyer in a 30 minute talk show format offering in depth commentary
on important case law developments, trends in the industry, legislative
developments and other topics of interest to workers’ compensation
professionals and injured workers. Videos will be posted on the website and will be uploaded to YouTube and other
video sharing services under “Julius and Jake: The Comp Guys.”

Currently available videos include sessions on the demise of the
Vocational Rehabilitation benefits and replacement with retraining
vouchers; issues involved in Utilization Review of medical treatment and
the 2 programs featuring discussions on the Almaraz/Guzman decisions,
including the recent Court of Appeals decision in the latter named case.

The site will feature monthly sessions featuring discussion and
analytical commentary on recent workers’ compensation events of note
including legislative and regulatory activity. A session covering September
2010 has recently been posted and session on October developments will
be posted later in the month.

According to Young, “the idea arose out of a series of 3 trainings
Jacobsmeyer and I did in 2010 for State Compensation Insurance Fund
attorneys.” He noted “California is blessed with a number of subscription
based print journals and web based sites that cover the California workers’
compensation scene in depth. But we believe that there is a role for video-based commentary. Each of us have practiced in the system for decades
and have a lot of perspective to bring to the show.”

Young noted the goal is to bring analysis to workers’ compensation
modeled on shows as diverse as Siskel and Ebert and NPR’s-Sheilds and

Jacobsmeyer observes “The show may be helpful to many busy
claims professionals who can benefit from a frank give and take discussion
on key workers’ compensation developments.”

Both attorneys add the goal is not to give legal advice to claimants or
employers, but rather to have a candid, stimulating exchange on the issues
from two independent viewpoints.

ln addition to representing injured employees at Oakland’s Boxer
Gerson, Young writes a blog on California workers’ compensation The blog won an award from Lexis-Nexis as
the top workers’ compensation blog in the United States in 2009.

A graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Law
School, Young serves as a judge pro tem in Oakland and has recently
served a term on the Workers’ Compensation Executive Committee of the
California State Bar.

Jacobsmeyer is a graduate of the University of Santa Clara School of
Law and is’well known in California workers’ compensation circles as a
writer and lecturer. Before becoming a defense attorney 17 years ago,
Jacobsmeyer practiced as an applicant’s attorney for almost 18 years and
was an active member of the California Applicant’s Attorneys Association
including serving on that organizations’ Board of Governors. He believes
having workedon behalf of both injured workers and now employers and
carriers help provide a balance perspective to provide observations to this
complex system.

The series is being produced by Sam Gold of Baypoint, California. A
former injured worker, Gold is the founder of the Injured Workers
Television Network and is active with the National Organization of Injured Workers, a national injured workers’ advocacy organization (