Boxer & Gerson in the News

B&G Attorneys Roth, Litvack, and Popalardo Address Operating Engineers Local 3

Boxer & Gerson, LLP attorneys make consistent appearances at local union meetings to keep members apprised of trends and changes in the law and its interpretation. A recent example: personal injury specialist Gary Roth and workers’ compensation specialists Justin Litvack and Dennis Popalardo presented at the Operating Engineers Local 3 business agents meeting in Alameda on September 9. Operating Engineers Local 3 covers a large jurisdiction that includes Northern California, Northern Nevada, Utah and Hawaii. Members come from both the private and public sectors, with the majority of them working in private construction.

The trio of Boxer & Gerson attorneys presented on the subjects of 3rd party claims, how to report workers’ comp claims and the importance of doing so, and on medical provider networks, with a particular focus on how to pre-designate a treating physician for work injuries.