Boxer & Gerson in the News

Bert Arnold Elected President of California Applicant Attorneys Association

Bert Arnold, a partner in the Boxer & Gerson, LLP Workers’ Compensation Practice Group, has been elected as the 50th president of the California Applicants’ Attorneys Association (CAAA). The CAAA is comprised of more than 1,500 attorneys representing injured workers in the State of California. It works with the governor, the legislature and other stakeholder groups such as the California Federation of Labor, the California Society of Industrial Medicine, and occasionally with the California Chamber of Commerce to address laws, regulations, and issues that affect working men and women in California, their employers, and the medical community.

Bert joins a trio of other Boxer & Gerson attorneys who have served as CAAA president in the past. They include Partner and Co-Founder Michael Gerson, the late Barry Williams, and the firm’s’ current Of Counsel attorney, Frank Russo.

All of his colleagues at Boxer & Gerson, LLP congratulate Bert on his election and look forward to reports of his usual spirited defense in support of workers in the coming year, made all the more prominent by his new and prestigious statewide position.