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B&G Attorney Jenny Jerez Prevails At California Supreme Court

In a case eventually ruled upon by the California Supreme Court, Boxer & Gerson attorney Jenny Jerez prevailed in an action that began with a worker’s back injury in 2002 while employed by the Sealy mattress company. Originally awarded $67,000 for her injury, the worker later appealed after her condition worsened. Jerez took the case and was successful in helping her client win the much higher sum of $500,000 plus lifetime coverage for any medical problems stemming from the injury.

When an appeals court ruled that a recently enacted law required the defendant Sealy to pay attorney fees, Sealy appealed to the Supreme Court on the grounds that the case predated the changed law. The Supreme Court ruled for Jerez and her client in upholding the lower court’s decision. This resulted in the client receiving a larger sum, since Jerez’s attorney fees would otherwise have been deducted from the award.