Boxer & Gerson in the News

Andrew Levine Case Noted in LexisNexis Legal Newsroom

A case in which Boxer & Gerson workers compensation attorney Andrew E. Levine served as the applicant’s attorney in successfully representing his client was cited as noteworthy by the LexisNexis Legal Newsroom, the legal research and risk management company that tracks trends and cases in the law. The case was cited in a LexisNexis online posting on September 10. It detailed the complexity of the law when an employee suffers a physical injury on the job which then leads to a “compensable” psychological injury.

The legal question in the case was whether the applicant who was seeking workers’ compensation coverage was able to have a psychiatrist on the panel that was evaluating her case. Her employer, a community bank, claimed not, but the judge in the case ruled against it and the decision was subsequently upheld in an appeal by the defendant bank to the State Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board.